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Bitter!fic recs?

As I'm working my way through the mars_daily archives, I've just come across the most amazingly cathartic bitter!fic. (And yes, it's *still* cathartic, all these years later.)

Which kind of reminded me of just *how much* I love bitter!fic. I want to pet it and hug it. I want to build a little shrine to it, a dedicated library... *something*.

I dunno... I'm probably talking to myself here. But in case I'm not... got any recs? I know some of this stuff was posted to the comm, but not all of it, by far.

(I think compiling *the* authoritative list of bitter!fic may just be my purpose in lifefandom.)
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Not sure if anyone's still reading this comm...

nor if anyone here still reads LoM fic, but in case you do (or in case you remember what you used to read) - is there anyone here who can tell me if Five Times Sam Chose Life, and One Time He Didn't by neth_dugan is going to make me angry? Because the title is making me rather wary, but of course with 2.08 fic there's also always the chance I might find it really interesting. But I don't want to trigger my weird "bitch mode" again, so... I dunno if I should risk it...

(I'm on an archive trawl, in case you're wondering why I'm asking about fic from five years ago.)

Oh, and in case there are people here who'd still like to read LoM fic that is compatible with the view that jumping off a high building was not the best thing Sam Tyler has ever done: I actually finished my first longer fic in ths fandom, recently. Been working on it ever since before the show even ended, lol (it's only 6,500 words, though. I'm just incredibly slow.) And I think it's quite compatible with a 2.08-disliking worldview, so it seems appropriate to link to it here: The MAD Doctrine. I'd tell you more, but I think that would probably spoil it...
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Need help/a chat/a midwife

I'm feeling an urge to start up again a writing project I put on the back burner in late 2008 and haven't touched since, but never really gave up on. It's a post-2.08 fic in which Sam survives the jump, but also keeps on living in 1973, or 1974 by the time the fic starts, I think. (Why is this not a paradox? Well, there's always the strong possibility that 1973/1974 isn't real, right? So Sam really can go on dreaming about it all he likes. Or it may be real, and we haven't properly understood the mechanics of how the two times hang together. And we probably never will, or at least not in this fic.)

So I have parallel worlds, parallel plotlines, sort of. Except I don't actually have any plot (except for a vague idea of the emotional direction I want) for the 1970s bits. And also, I'm really quite crap at handling both the police procedural angle *and* the 1970s characters.

So I need help. A lot of it, possibly. At the very least I need someone to chat with about this story, possibly on a regular/semi-regular basis. To help me develop ideas, perhaps also to give me ideas, as I really, really suck at plot. I may eventually need a fully-fledged co-author, in fact, but I think I'd like to try to do as much as I can on my own, first, because I want to *learn* to handle all this (the characters, plot, etc.) But, yeah, you'd definitely get prominent credit as a consultant, even if we don't end up with a full co-authoring deal.

If you want to get a sense of my writing, to decide if I'm the kind of writer you might like to help, go here:


- None of that is *particularly* comparable to what I'm trying to do with this fic, though. I've never done anything like this before. Note also, the fics I've uploaded there vary widely in quality because they're from different points of my writing "career". The most recent ones are 68 Wives (2008, Highlander), How to Love a Madman (2008, LoM), and Starving on the Jump Down (2007, LoM). These three are all a bit experimental, though - and the story I'm working on now really isn't. I was going through a bit of an experimental phase in the years I wrote those three fics. (Actually, my *most* recent finished fic is The Last Lost Generation, which is from 2009, but that is uncharacteristic in even more ways than the fics I listed before.)

Feel free to ask me about anything else you need to know.
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Dust to dust...

I'm curious. Given the revelations at the conclusion of Ashes to Ashes, are you:

1. Unaffected. A2A doesn't affect Life on Mars canon in any significant way for you.
2. Feeling better about the LoM conclusion. (Why?)
3. Feeling worse about the LoM conclusion. (Why?)

There will be spoilers in the comments to this post.

Life on Mars - The Other Ending

I don't know if you'all have seen this, but I stumbled across it when looking for a transcript of the last episode (I needed the meeting before the jump for the continuation of the Psycho!Samatic Cycle - oh yes, that one is rearing its ugly head again...)

The Other Ending

Well, it warmed my cockles...

(Also, did anyone else know that LoM was voted the Number One TV ending on SkyOne in 2008? Nope, me neither.)
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I need a LoM button. Better yet, a jumping_off button.

ETA: I think "button" is the wrong word. It's one of those English words that have been adopted into the German language but with a slightly shifted meaning. I don't remember the correct English term though, and am too tired/lazy to find out at the moment. I mean the big, round pins with a short phrase or a word or/and a picture on them that are worn by a lot of people at conventions (and also by rock fans, although those prefer smaller ones nowadays, I think.)

I almost went to a con today. I went there on the off-chance that they might still need volunteers; sadly, all the volunteer spots were taken. As I couldn't afford a ticket I stayed outside in the foyer and just chatted to some fan friends who came out to talk to me a bit.

Whenever I move on real fannish terrain, I wear my 'uniform' - consisting of a fannish t-shirt (either an old con t-shirt, or something Farscape or Tolkien themed - due to my membership in the German Tolkien Society, and the Society's enthusiasm for Society t-shirts, I have plenty of the latter) and some buttons and handmade jewellery that basically announce my main fandoms and affiliations. Yes, I'm a complete oldschool fandom nerd. Thank you. *g*

So... it's been a while since I went to my last proper fan event thanks to the very busy two years I've just had. The last time I went to a con, my attachment to LoM was still tentative. Now, I feel confident to say that LoM will probably - despite my ambivalence to it - be one of my 'permanent' fandoms. Now, the trouble is this: I have buttons or t-shirts for all my other permanent fandoms - but not for LoM. Yet I do want to declare my attachment to it, for better or worse. It's too much a part of my fannish identity; I can't just ignore it.

I guess the solution would be to make a (more or less) 2.08-critical button... I think a button is the way to go here; a t-shirt for me requires a more complete identification with a fandom. Also, in my current, cash-strapped situation a t-shirt is unaffordable. Mind you, I don't know how to make a button yet, either, but I suspect some people I know may have access to button making machines. I'm going to have to ask around.)

So, what should I put on my "I love LoM enough to declare myself a fan although I also kind of hate it" button? I'm open for suggestions. Here's what I've thought of so far, myself:

- "Sam Tyler is dead": This would go very nicely with my "Methos is alive" button.

- A button version of this icon:

- "We're not jumping, Sam, because we're not cowards.": I like this one because it's, maybe, a little less acerbic than the others. This is heading into rather obscure territory, of course - but then, the buttons really are primarily for fans of the same fandoms to recognise one another.

- "Don't ask me about LoM 2.08.": a fair warning; or an invitation to the brave and/or confrontational.

- A button version of this screenshot. Okay, okay, far too obscure, I'll admit. But it amuses me. *g* Though, on second thought, actually, this could work, if it were supplemented with a non-critical/non-confrontational, non-obscure, plain LoM button of some sort.
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Life on Mars (Sam is incredulous)

I may be a super harsh critic...

"I think the first episode and the last episode of Life on Mars are two of the greatest pieces of TV I've ever seen" - John Simm at the BBC

It's the second time Simm has said this, and... really, Simm? Really?

When the show finished, Simm was kind of damning with faint praise. He didn't say much about the ending at all. Even when everyone else was going on, and on, and on about it. No, that was it. Stop the bus, I want to get off. Sam Tyler's dead. I'm going to admit that having read and seen other interviews with him and noticed how he quite often later criticised the fuck out of certain productions he did, I'd assumed that one day we'd get him doing the same with our show. The truth would out and Simm would concede that there were myriad problematic elements with the conclusion and he was surprised and mildly creeped out that almost everyone cheered for the main character's suicide. I thought we'd get him saying something like he thought a brilliant show was let down a little bit by a rushed final episode. (Admitting that perhaps he was partly to, oh, I don't know, blame?)

But it hasn't happened. Either he's getting better at lying to reporters, or he genuinely liked the final episode of Life on Mars. Even beyond my hatred of various aspects, it's a crap episode of television in terms of plot and pacing (and yet others would argue characterisation.) It's truly, terribly shit compared with what went before. And I said that even when I was jumping up and down in glee because Sam/Gene OTP 4eva, yo. The melodrama is out the wazoo, in a show that had previously done a damn good job of being more dramatic than melodramatic, always paring it back to subtlety. A sense of humour is non-existent until the final moments. The dialogue is lacking. A couple of scenes are horrendously acted. There's really too much plot and not enough shown of each vital plotty element.

So. I don't get it. I understand liking the episode for what it gives us in terms of Sam 'going back to 1973', I understand thinking it's a happy ending. I don't understand not seeing how poorly constructed or badly paced it is, I truly don't.

I was originally going to post this to my personal journal, but I am fairly sure the rest of my friendslist think I have a sickness. And they'd be right.
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An interesting discussion...

with regards to my behaviour in the 2.08 discussions:


I wonder... was I a bully? My arguing was *not* about asserting power... but I *was* very, very certain of being right. And I did challenge people to provide proof of some kind for the validity of their reading, and grew frustrated when they wouldn't.

ETA: Or *is* it essentially about power when I'm so convinced that I'm right, and invested in making people *see* that I'm right? I mean, why should I *care* if people agree with me? (ETA2: But then, why am I not the same way in other contexts?)
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