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An interesting discussion...

with regards to my behaviour in the 2.08 discussions:


I wonder... was I a bully? My arguing was *not* about asserting power... but I *was* very, very certain of being right. And I did challenge people to provide proof of some kind for the validity of their reading, and grew frustrated when they wouldn't.

ETA: Or *is* it essentially about power when I'm so convinced that I'm right, and invested in making people *see* that I'm right? I mean, why should I *care* if people agree with me? (ETA2: But then, why am I not the same way in other contexts?)

Jumping Off reference! (Sort of.)

I've taken up level building for the free indie game Knytt Stories as another hobby (yeah, I know, as if I needed another hobby!) So... I've just finished my second level, and it just so happens to have an oblique reference to our illustrious group here in it:


(And no, she doesn't jump - not from *that* roof, anyway. There's an invisible wall there. *g* Usually she does jump from such heights with impunity, though. That's part of how the game works.)

Hello. I'm back.

I fell down the rabbit hole into Finishing Uni Land. Not a nice place to be; probably worse than 1973... But I'm back now - thinking, writing, and being bitter, yay! :D

I just made a first attempt at getting back to my giant task of catching up with LoM fic; noticed that a lot of LoM fic still makes me queasy. This means that I will probably always have to sort of... psyche myself up a bit for a reading session. On the one hand, I really *want* to read a lot of fic, because I'm sure there's plenty of stuff out there I might love. On the other, I'm really frelling scared of what I might come across accidentally. Arrgh.

You know what? I think I've finally pinpointed what pissed me off so much about the ending. It felt so... vindictive to Sam fans. Yes, we knew he was uptight, bitchy and a little cuckoo but I don't think anybody - before it happened - could have guessed that he was that selfish and that mentally ill. I already felt like I was being punched in the gut (overreaction, I know) and then Ashes to Ashes came on and basically said:

"Oh, hey guys, you know that protagonist you liked and wanted to root for? Yeah, well, he's dead. We made it so that the rest of his afterlife is basically him driving down a road forever. Sorry... but on the plus side, as you all thought Gene Hunt stole the show, here he is again! Yay!"

*Sighs* Is it wrong of me to still feel this bitter?

Follow-up on yesterday's grumpy post

"If you can feel then you're alive, and when you don't feel you're not should probably go and see someone about that depression of yours, man."

Inspired by this. *eg*


In other news: Farscape fandom soothes my soul. (Check the post by Brent Barrett; the posts by scifi woman and effin g are also refreshing in their matter-of-factly acknowledgement of the ending of LoM as "downbeat" and "dreary".)

Everything I read is (still) about LoM

I'm currently preparing for final exams, and I'm reading a lot of sf/fantasy theory, pop culture theory, and modernism vs. postmodernism stuff. And somehow, everybody seems to be talking about LoM. Look:

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American LOM: How would YOU like it to end?

I'm not sure whether it's appropriate to post this here, but...

Since the US producers aren't going with the botched ending of the original LOM, how would you like the US version to end? And what don't you want to see (apart from American!Sam leaping off a roof, that is!)


Okay, this article in Variety about LoM-US is obviously about LoM-US. BUT this quote in the story set my teeth to gnashing:

[the producers] felt strongly that they couldn't stick to the Brit ending -- which revealed it to be Sam's comatose dream, with a final fan-pleasing twist...

Oh HELLS NO! They did not just say that. I know why ("Sam ends up in 1973, so the fans must be pleased!") and I know, yes yes I KNOW that a lot of fans were pleased with it.

But still. Just...rankles.


I just noticed something.

This is crazy, but I just noticed - as in, "really became conscious of the fact" - that I actually haven't rewatched LoM *at all* since 2.08 - except for the express purprose of introducing other people to the show. Yes, I still introduce people to the show. I want everybody's hearts to be broken like mine, hah!

But I've run out of such people now, so I need to work up the courage to do some rewatching on my own... :-(


I just added four postscripts to my previous entry. You may want to refresh your friends page.

(Yes, I am desperate to discuss this with people. Why do you ask? ;-))