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Need help/a chat/a midwife

I'm feeling an urge to start up again a writing project I put on the back burner in late 2008 and haven't touched since, but never really gave up on. It's a post-2.08 fic in which Sam survives the jump, but also keeps on living in 1973, or 1974 by the time the fic starts, I think. (Why is this not a paradox? Well, there's always the strong possibility that 1973/1974 isn't real, right? So Sam really can go on dreaming about it all he likes. Or it may be real, and we haven't properly understood the mechanics of how the two times hang together. And we probably never will, or at least not in this fic.)

So I have parallel worlds, parallel plotlines, sort of. Except I don't actually have any plot (except for a vague idea of the emotional direction I want) for the 1970s bits. And also, I'm really quite crap at handling both the police procedural angle *and* the 1970s characters.

So I need help. A lot of it, possibly. At the very least I need someone to chat with about this story, possibly on a regular/semi-regular basis. To help me develop ideas, perhaps also to give me ideas, as I really, really suck at plot. I may eventually need a fully-fledged co-author, in fact, but I think I'd like to try to do as much as I can on my own, first, because I want to *learn* to handle all this (the characters, plot, etc.) But, yeah, you'd definitely get prominent credit as a consultant, even if we don't end up with a full co-authoring deal.

If you want to get a sense of my writing, to decide if I'm the kind of writer you might like to help, go here:


- None of that is *particularly* comparable to what I'm trying to do with this fic, though. I've never done anything like this before. Note also, the fics I've uploaded there vary widely in quality because they're from different points of my writing "career". The most recent ones are 68 Wives (2008, Highlander), How to Love a Madman (2008, LoM), and Starving on the Jump Down (2007, LoM). These three are all a bit experimental, though - and the story I'm working on now really isn't. I was going through a bit of an experimental phase in the years I wrote those three fics. (Actually, my *most* recent finished fic is The Last Lost Generation, which is from 2009, but that is uncharacteristic in even more ways than the fics I listed before.)

Feel free to ask me about anything else you need to know.



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