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ETA: I think "button" is the wrong word. It's one of those English words that have been adopted into the German language but with a slightly shifted meaning. I don't remember the correct English term though, and am too tired/lazy to find out at the moment. I mean the big, round pins with a short phrase or a word or/and a picture on them that are worn by a lot of people at conventions (and also by rock fans, although those prefer smaller ones nowadays, I think.)

I almost went to a con today. I went there on the off-chance that they might still need volunteers; sadly, all the volunteer spots were taken. As I couldn't afford a ticket I stayed outside in the foyer and just chatted to some fan friends who came out to talk to me a bit.

Whenever I move on real fannish terrain, I wear my 'uniform' - consisting of a fannish t-shirt (either an old con t-shirt, or something Farscape or Tolkien themed - due to my membership in the German Tolkien Society, and the Society's enthusiasm for Society t-shirts, I have plenty of the latter) and some buttons and handmade jewellery that basically announce my main fandoms and affiliations. Yes, I'm a complete oldschool fandom nerd. Thank you. *g*

So... it's been a while since I went to my last proper fan event thanks to the very busy two years I've just had. The last time I went to a con, my attachment to LoM was still tentative. Now, I feel confident to say that LoM will probably - despite my ambivalence to it - be one of my 'permanent' fandoms. Now, the trouble is this: I have buttons or t-shirts for all my other permanent fandoms - but not for LoM. Yet I do want to declare my attachment to it, for better or worse. It's too much a part of my fannish identity; I can't just ignore it.

I guess the solution would be to make a (more or less) 2.08-critical button... I think a button is the way to go here; a t-shirt for me requires a more complete identification with a fandom. Also, in my current, cash-strapped situation a t-shirt is unaffordable. Mind you, I don't know how to make a button yet, either, but I suspect some people I know may have access to button making machines. I'm going to have to ask around.)

So, what should I put on my "I love LoM enough to declare myself a fan although I also kind of hate it" button? I'm open for suggestions. Here's what I've thought of so far, myself:

- "Sam Tyler is dead": This would go very nicely with my "Methos is alive" button.

- A button version of this icon:

- "We're not jumping, Sam, because we're not cowards.": I like this one because it's, maybe, a little less acerbic than the others. This is heading into rather obscure territory, of course - but then, the buttons really are primarily for fans of the same fandoms to recognise one another.

- "Don't ask me about LoM 2.08.": a fair warning; or an invitation to the brave and/or confrontational.

- A button version of this screenshot. Okay, okay, far too obscure, I'll admit. But it amuses me. *g* Though, on second thought, actually, this could work, if it were supplemented with a non-critical/non-confrontational, non-obscure, plain LoM button of some sort.


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